Legal Boundary Survey (Property Survey)

Residential Properties, Woodlots, Cottage Lots, Commercial Properties, Easements and Right of Ways.

Subdivision Surveys

We can provide you with the design and layout of a large scale subdivision or for a single parcel of land that you want to create.

Surveyors Location Certificates (NS) or Surveyors Real Property Report (NB)

You may require a Surveyors Location Certificate or Surveyors Real Property Report if you are buying a home (property) or building a structure on your property.

Topographic Surveys

Required for most Construction (Engineering) projects and some Subdivision Surveys.

Construction Surveys

Layout of Road (Street), Water and Sewer Services, and Buildings.

As-built Surveys

Required at the final stage of most construction projects.

Volume Surveys

Determine quantities of stock piles at quarry sites, etc.

Hydrographic Surveys

The recording of measurements taken on various bodies of water.

Soil Assessments

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