Bragg Lumber Co., Irving Oil Co., and other private wood lot owners

Boundary resolution for over 20,000 acres of land being migrated into the new Land Registration System with digital map files being forwarded to the Provincial Government to be inserted directly into the property mapping to correct the existing mapping.

CBCL (Contractor for the Department of Agriculture)

Working as a subcontractor for CBCL, in 2014 Rayworth and Roberts Surveys completed a Hydrographic Survey of the bed of the LaPlanche River in a large area near the mouth of the Bay of Fundy. The work was completed to assist in the Engineering of a new Aboiteau.

Fixed Link N.B. to P.E.I.

Fixed Link N.B. to P.E.I.Engaged through the Eastcan Group as the Land Surveyors for the New Brunswick side of the Fixed Link to P.E.I. for the first two years of construction, providing legal and construction survey services, as well as providing quality control and construction layout services for one field season on the Port Borden, P.E.I. side.

Natural Resources Canada – Kejimkujik National Park

In 2010 Rayworth & Roberts Surveys Limited Completed a re-survey of the exterior boundaries of both the Kejimkujik National Park (80 kilometres of boundary line) in Annapolis, Digby and Queens County and of the Seaside Adjunct / Kejimkujik Park in Queens County (30 kilometres of boundary line) using GPS to update the accuracy of cadastral monument positions to current standards (horizontal and vertical).

Nova Scotia Power Inc.

In 2011 Rayworth & Roberts Surveys Limited partnered with Thompson Conn Limited to complete a legal survey of approximately 100 kilometres of transmission line easement located between Debert, Nova Scotia and the New Brunswick border. The survey included the monumentation and plan preparation for each portion of the new easement over approximately 130 properties.

NS Geomatics

Through its affiliated company, R&R GIS Data Capture Inc. Rayworth & Roberts was responsible for the field portion of the Nova Scotia Civic Addressing Project, requiring the inspection of every road and house in Nova Scotia and the addition of new civic addressable points using an adhoc creation of equipment and software featuring real-time differential GPS together with laser distance measuring equipment, electronic fluxgate compass with repeater and electronic theodolite, with all data being downloaded and translated to the building centroid and the database populated in real time.

Province of Nova Scotia (Department of Natural Resources)

In 2013 Rayworth and Roberts Surveys Ltd. retraced approximately 25 km of woodlot boundary lines in Cumberland, Colchester, Pictou, and Guysborough County. All boundary lines were cut, cleared, blazed, painted and shown on Survey Plans. The lands surveyed are owned or to be acquired by the Province of Nova Scotia.

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